Words from former volunteers

Aine from Ireland.

On June 10th, 2002 I attended Dee Beechinor’s funeral in Cork. The church was full and I sat in awe at my cousin Frank’s ode to his young wife. Each word powerful and positive registered in my heart and six months later I sent Frank an email that lead me to the Little Lambs School in India. Dee was a teacher and Frank has a software company partly based in India. As a legacy to Dee, a trust was setup www.deebeechinortrust.com. This trust supports the education of underprivileged children and breast cancer care. The Trust’s first project was to aid the Little Lambs School in Chennai, through funding and establishing links to school in the UK.

Having worked as a computer programmer my aim was to use these skills to bring a little technology into these children’s lives. Before I left Cork I held a fundraiser at Rafeen Creek Golf Club in Cork. The fundraiser was a success and I want to thank all those who supported my effort. Since September 2003 I have had a challenging and rewarding experience in India. So far I’ve been able to change the Little Lambs School by – Converting a kitchen into a computer room. This involved complete repainting, cleaning, installing a new fan, rewiring electrics and building desks for four computers with keyboard drawers. Plus transport to deliver the computers donated by Gislen Software.

Complete repainting of both schools, and completion of lots of odd jobs to make the school a brighter and more comfortable place for both students and teachers.

Teaching computers, since the computer room opened to screams of delight last October. The children count the days to their computer class and the teachers use the class as a bribe so they do their homework!

Installing a phone line so class 1 to 4 can email our sister school in the UK.

Convincing my parents they must come visit the school, not only did they visit but also brought 2 cases full of toys collected in Cork.

Gathering information and photos for this website which was built and designed by my neighbor John O’Mahony, MillstreetMedia.

Currently I’m working on the possibility of building the Little Lambs a school.

The last 7 months have been amazing and I cannot begin to describe the experience. Maria has amazing energy and has created a very happy school. Thanks must go to three special volunteers from Sweden, Sofia, Jennifer and Magdalena, who gave me incredible strength by being here to live, work, cry, laugh and pray with. I miss you and look forward to the arrival of the next volunteer.