Volunteers are very important for the work in the school. They add an extra dimension to the daily routine and make life exciting for the children.As a volunteer you will live like the local people and experience real Indian life. You will get to know the families of the school children and staff and get a good understanding of the culture. Usually volunteers assist the teachers and help the children to read, either in reading groups or individual reading. They may help out with art, sports, music etc, depending on the volunteer’s interests. We also welcome volunteers for the Children’s home and volunteers who have experience in social work or administration. It is important that volunteers are flexible and curious about a new culture in order to make the most of their stay.


How long do volunteers stay?

Volunteers can be short term or long term. Most of our volunteers from abroad stay 2-5 months, but even shorter stays can be considered.

How much does it cost to be a volunteer?

It does not cost anything to be a volunteer, but you have to pay for your own expenses. If you want to stay in our volunteer flat, you will have to pay the rent of Rs 8000 per month (= 1150 kr/ £100). This will be shared among the volunteers staying in the flat. It can accomodate 4 people. Food is very cheap and you can have school lunch for Rs 20 per day. The over all cost in India is very low and you can live on almost nothing if you wish.

How do I get from the airport?

Someone will pick you up and take you to the school or flat where you will be staying.

What will I do as a volunteer?

It really depends on you and what you can contribute with. But usually the volunteers assist the teachers in helping the children to read or do basic Maths. They also help out with art, sports, music and so on, depending on your own interests and talents. We are very flexible!