David is 18 years old. He was one of the first students in Little Lambs School in 1999. The school at that time was just a Nursery school, so after a year when David had learnt the basics, he was sent to Class 3 in another school. The family situation was very chaotic with a drinking father, abuse and constant financial struggle for survival. David started to be on the roads rather than attending school, and fell behind with his studies. In 2007 he came back to Little Lambs, wanting to start afresh with his schooling. He had a strong desire to live a different kind of life than what he had seen in his home. For this, education is all important. After 1½ years at Little Lambs, he had picked up so much of what he had missed in school, that we were able to send him to Class 10 in another good Secondary School. In March 2009, he did his final important exam, and for that he was working very hard. Without the support from Little Lambs, David would never have made it, now there is every likelihood that he will have a bright future!

Through Little Lambs these children get a chance to get a good education which means a chance to escape from the cycle of poverty both for themselves as well as their families.