Sponsor a child
  • The cost of sponsoring a child at school is approximately 1400 INR, 150 SEK or 18 EUR per month. This includes part of school fees, school books, uniforms, breakfast (a glass of milk), lunch and transport by bus.
  • Several of the slightly older children would like to have personal contact with their sponsor, mainly by writing / receiving letters (preferably with pictures) sometime during the year. (Optional)
  • At least twice a year, you will have some contact with the school or your child.
    When you have filled in and returned the form (preferably by email to Maria at mariagislen@yahoo.in) and an agreement is made, you will receive information about and a picture of your sponsored child.
Sponsor Little Lambs School or Little Lambs Children’s Home
  • If you prefer not to sponsor a special child, you are welcome to donate money to Little Lambs School or Little Lamb’s orphanages (currently three orphanages). You may deposit any amount on a one-time or a regular basis.
  • Support for Little Lambs School includes ongoing expenses such as salaries, school buses expenses, teaching materials and electricity.
  • Support for children’s homes includes their school costs, meals, hygiene articles, clothes, off-school activities, toys, staff, basic medical help, etc.

We appreciate all donations, small and big!
You can find payment details on this separate form.


Sponsorship Form

Instead of / In addition to sponsoring a child, I want to sponsor one of the following programs:

Higher education / vocational educationChildren's home / shelter for needy childrenMedical assistance to the childrenSports or other activities on after school hoursWomen's developmentSupport the development of the school’s infrastructureCamps and excursions


Every monthEvery quarterHalf yearlyFull year

Bank accountChequeCash

Your info

When sponsoring a child, I promise to sponsor the education of the child at Little Lambs School for at least one year.