Sofia, former volunteer

My name is Sofia Bergström and I have now been a volunteer at the Little Lambs school for five months, in three weeks I will be back in Sweden. It has been a wonderful time and of course I could write page after page about it, but I won’t. I will write a little about my church that helped me to get here. It is a free church outside of a town called Jonkoping situated in the south of Sweden. The church is called Skarstads Missionskyrka and contains around 200-250 members. It’s the church I grew up in and when I asked for help to do this trip they were glad to help me. They gave me 5000 SEK about 30,000 rupee, which was half my flight ticket. They even told me to tell them if I saw any special need and then they could make a special collection for that. There are always needs but I wanted to wait until I found something that I really would like them to collect money for. When we came closer to Christmas we started to practice dance with some of the children for the Christmas show and then we thought it would be really nice if we could get them special clothes for the dances. But that is something that the school budget not really contains, so I wrote to my church and asked them if they could collect some money for that and for some other expenses for the show. If there would be any money over we could for example buy reading books and dictionaries for the school. Then they held an extra collection on a service, which amounted to 3511 SEK, which are almost 20,000 rupees, which again goes a long way in India. After the show we still had about 17,000 rupees left of which we have spent 5,400 on books. For the rest we will buy a new guitar for the school (the old one is untuneable) and a cupboard for the books and other items that need to be locked up. So I want to say a big thanks to the Skarstads Missionsforsamling who helped me to come to India and sponsored the school after I came.