How to Help

The school needs your support! It is run entirely on donations and the money goes straight to the work, there are no administration costs.


Från Sverige:
Gåvor från Sverige kan sättas in på Little Lambs vänners bankgiro 5064-5985, Swedbank.
Du kan också skänka en gåva med Swish, på swishnummer: 123 3906377.
Alla gåvor, små som stora, mottages tacksamt och går direkt till arbetet med barnen, utan mellanhänder och administrativa kostnader.

From India:
Cheques can be made payable in favour of Little Lambs Educational Trust and be sent to H-2022, 12th Main Road, 5th Street, Anna Nagar West, Chennai 600 040, India. The trust is exempted from tax under 80G.

For other countries you can find more payment details here:  Payment details.

If you need more information, please contact us.
All gifts, however small, will be used directly to help the children, without any administration costs.



You can sponsor a child for 1400 INR, 150 SEK, 16 GBP, or 18 EUR per month. This covers the cost of having the child at school, transport, uniforms, books, shoes and school food.

Swedish print-version: Ladda ner donations/sponsorskapsformulär