The school was started in 1999 as a Nursery school with the aim  to give underprivileged children a good start in life. Maria Gislen, who had moved to India from Sweden in 1993, saw the great need to provide high quality education for needy children. We rented a two room flat in Perambur to accommodate up to 20 children. The first few years, more and more children joined and we moved to bigger premises five times. Parents requested us to add classes up to Std 5 and so it became a Nursery and Primary school. In the meantime, Little Lambs Educational Trust was set up, to be able to extend the work even more.  
 In 2005, the need for our own premises became urgent, since the government’s regulations demanded playground space and better facilities. We decided to look for land to buy and build a school to meet those requirements and to be able to help more children.
 In September 2006, our new school was ready, and it was a great joy to move to  such a beautiful school in the outskirts of Chennai. Since then, we have added classes up to Std 8, and also continue to support the children all the way up to college. Since 2010, the trust also runs hostels for children who lack parental care and are neglected and/or abused. Over the years, we have had the privilege to see thousands of children receive great education and hope for the future. 

The school building was constructed in 2006

Ready to be inaugurated, the gate gets is final touch of paint!