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About us

The children

The children

The aim of the trust is to offer excellent education to children from under privileged background. Some of the older children have never been to school before and some have learning difficulties and have failed in other schools.

The school

The school

The school has around 180 students from 3-12 years. We have four kindergarten classes and primary school up to grade 6. The student–teacher ratio is low which enables the children to get extra support from engaging teachers. There is a lovely playground, computer lab and library at the premises.

Older students

Older students

When the students have finished at Little Lambs School, we stay in touch with them and continue to support them throughout their schooling. We also help to pay for vocational training and university fees.

Social work

Social work

Our social worker and psychologist pick up children from the street who need schooling. In some cases we place them in hostels or foster homes. We also try to rehabilitate the parents through counselling and training. At times we give extra food supplies to the families who are in need.

Health care

Health care

We check the children’s growth twice a year and make sure that extra food is given when needed. We also check their eye sight and buy glasses, give free dental treatment and occasionally pay for hospital costs.



We take our students, youth and families for camps to get away from the city and get a chance to enjoy themselves in a healing environment.

Join hands with us!

Our school does not have any government funding, but is run with the help of donations. All money given, goes straight into the work with the children. You can give a one-off donation or sponsor a child for Rs 1200 per month ($15, €14, £12).
It doesn’t cost much to make a real difference!

Let’s change the world – one child at a time

No one can change the whole world, but everyone can change the world for one child by giving them hope for the future. I believe that we together can change the world, one child at a time by giving them access to education.

25 years ago, me and my husband came to India, longing to make a difference. India is intense, colourful and chaotic with its crazy traffic, pollution, cows on the streets and stifling heat, but the people are wonderful! In the midst of this chaos, our journey started to support needy children and give them hope for the future. I am so happy that we are able to break the cycle of poverty and make a difference for not only individual children but for their families as well. Together with our fantastic teachers, social worker and sponsors from all over the world, I know I make a difference in supporting these children and giving them a bright future.

Maria Gislén, founder and principal

Volunteer with us

Volunteers are very important for our work. They bring an extra dimension to the work and make life exciting for the children. As a volunteer, you will be living like one of the locals and experience Indian life from within. You will get to know some of the children's families and get a good understanding of Indian culture. Apart from assisting the teachers, volunteers can help out in the boarding homes and people experienced in social work or administration can also make a valuable contribution to the work. It is important that you are flexible and curious to get to know a different culture to make the most of your stay.

How long do volunteers usually stay?
Most volunteers stay 2-5 months, but even shorter periods can be considered.

How much does it cost to be a volunteer?
It doesn’t cost anything to be a volunteer, but you have to cover your own expenses. We can help in arranging accommodation. The cost of living in India is very low and you can live on almost nothing if you want to.

How do I get from the airport?
Someone will pick you up and take you to the school or the place where you will be staying.

What do I do as a volunteer?
We are very flexible, but most volunteers help out with assisting the teachers by reading with the children, give extra support in Maths, do art, sports, music, drama etc, depending on your interests and abilities.

Can I do my internship at the school?
Yes, that is possible. We have had people studying to become teachers or social workers who have done their internship with us.

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The school is located at the outskirts of Chennai, one of the largest cities in India.

Vijayalakhsmi Nagar,
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